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Good news: warmly celebrate the successful public listing of Sanli Company

Writer:Jason WeiSource:QinTong Number of visits: Date:2018.08.28

On August 23, 2018, Shijiazhuang Sanli Grain Sorting Machinery Co., Ltd. (company abbreviation: Sanli Grain, stock code: 660490) successfully held the ceremony.


From the government, financial leaders, guests, Zhou Yunhai(deputy general manager of Sanli Company), Jason Wei(general manager of Sanli Subsidiary Company ”Qintong”),middle-level leaders and employee representatives of Sanli Company attended the listing ceremony and witnessed this important history time.


After the public listing, it will gain a new and bigger development platform, which will not only attract high-end technology and high-end talents, but also attract advanced domestic production, operation and management concepts, thus leading and driving the company innovation capability and continuous development.

The industrious and sincere Sanli people will take the opportunity of enterprise listing to make more efforts to improve product quality management and corporate culture. Around the world, "to meet customer needs" as the center and speed up product upgrading.

The successful public listing of Sanli company signify it create another "new era". We will devote ourselves to the wave of globalization with a humble attitude , enhance the ability of enterprise management, open up new patterns, and contribute to the development of seed and grain industry in China and the world. “Where there is a holy heart, there is a indomitable will”. We wish Sanli company will ride the wind and waves and get continuous achievement.

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