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China's seed processing machinery market opportunities revealed

Writer:Jason WeiSource:QinTong Number of visits: Date:2016.11.22
Seed processing machinery can not be optimistic about the status quo 
The development of seed processing machinery in China late 70s from a single imported from abroad, and research study and imitation. 80's from abroad seed processing complete sets of equipment, conducted a research study and imitation. The late 80's, China's seed processing machinery, research and production work from the introduction of imitation, assimilation, has entered a self-developed research and production to promote the rapid development period, seed processing machinery and equipment of the pilot studies and develop their own job from a single to unit, and then develop into a seed processing equipment. 
Through digestion and absorption and development of innovative, has developed a number of conditions are more suitable for our country the seeds of selected machine, drying machinery and seed processing equipment, and production has been generally applied. Domestic has successfully developed and gradually promote the use of a variety of models of the wind screen machines basic cleaning, gravity separator, tube nest eyes Featured machines, cylindrical screening-level machine, mixing machine, such as drug-coated variety of machine type, at the same time, the successful development of a variety of units and complete sets of equipment and to promote the use of more extensive. 
At present, these models the performance and processing capacity has been unable to meet increasing processing demands, some of which have vibration in addition to host big disadvantage of a shorter life-span, the energy consumption of similar products abroad, are 2 ~ 3 times. In addition, the vast majority of domestic seed processing machinery are prototype imitation of foreign products, its performance has been better than the prototype of imports, domestic manufacturers all imitate each other again, the advantages and disadvantages of being passed around, very few designers have to explore the characteristics of seed , according to the actual use of machinery to improve, resulting in more or less the same, there is special processing required to purchase the seeds of mechanical nowhere. Factory for sale their own products, whether the user has what kind of request, the consultative Factory received when replies are often can be applied to "maintaining the status quo", not the seeds of a precise experimental data. Such as foreign production of seed coating machine adopts computer control of drug types of quantitative ratio, easy to guarantee the quality of coating, while the domestic seed coating machine are dump-type measurement, the accuracy of low, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of coating. In addition, foreign seed of high quality, after coating the seeds will not be affected mobility, bags will not degenerate due to the increase in moisture, while high water content of domestic seed coating, seed coating film after the slow, viscous big affect the mobility of the required dry before bagging, or vulnerable to deterioration. However, foreign non-coated seed dryer, the domestic is in blank, an urgent need to develop. 
"Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, the country use discount loans and investment loans from the World Bank, plans to build various kinds of seed processing center 1050, half of which required processing capacity for the production of 5 tons per hour of large-scale food crop seed processing complete sets of equipment, so domestic users may not be do not flower the same equipment than the domestic price of high-7 ~ 8 times the price of imported equipment from abroad. 
Western developed countries, the development of seed processing equipment has been nearly a hundred years of history, equipment specification seriation, variety of goods, equipment, stable performance, reasonable structure, reliable work, the specialization of production equipment, advanced manufacturing processes, equipment, less energy consumption, adaptive strong, and seed processing equipment mechanization, a high degree of automation, equipment processing capacity to the large, mega-development, well positioned to meet the seed processing industry's development needs. If our country does not waste time developing and producing advanced and practical home-made seed processing machinery, this market will be of foreign occupation. 
Domestic equipment way out after nearly 20 years of efforts, China's seed processing machinery manufacturing plant has grown to more than 20, can produce 11 categories of more than 120 kinds of seed processing machinery, may be composed of 15 kinds of different forms of seed processing equipment. China's seed processing machinery key technology development units are designed and manufactured in accordance with the characteristics of the seeds, will add technology and mechanical performance requirements of a combination of seed, improve the quality of domestic equipment, and expand market share, implementation of home-made equipment. China-made equipment in terms of price than on imported equipment has obvious advantages, the price of imported equipment are made of 8 ~ 10 times, therefore, seed processing machinery such as our country can be at materials, manufacturing processes, technical performance and reliability to achieve the use of imported units or single - Machine indicators, even if the price of one times improve, the market potential is great. 
Country at a lot of the province invested large amounts of money for the seed processing industry, so our country a new upsurge in the development of seed processing machinery has come. Seed processing machinery in our country's development has broad prospects, it can more quickly improve the quality of seeds, seeds of the commercialization process and improve market competitiveness and increase efficiency. Improve the quality of seed processing machinery, seed processing to improve mechanical properties has become a manufacturer of new topics. 
Experts suggested that seed processing machinery enterprises should sum up experience, and grasp the opportunity to do a good job in the following aspects: First, to further deepen reform, set up to adapt to market economy, seed processing machinery development mechanism, so that seed processing machinery combine research with production. Two are from the country up into a number of financial funds and support to start a group of seed processing machinery, scientific research, the introduction of key technologies, the acquisition of advanced processing equipment, tooling and mold, 1 ~ 2 set up a model of modernization of production enterprises, to produce with the international advanced level of seed processing machinery. Three is to enhance awareness, strengthen management, put seed processing as an important means of seed production task. Four are to strive to improve the seed processing machinery operator ranks of professional quality. Five are necessary to regulate the flow of seed processing machinery market, the implementation of higher prices for better quality, the development of China-made equipment to avoid the introduction of blind duplicate. Organizations are to have six experienced technical staff to carry out research on imported equipment from abroad to conduct research and digestion and absorption, development of suitable conditions of our country's advanced and practical seed processing machinery, seed for our country really moving toward the international market and lay a solid foundation

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