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The 21th China Conference on Sesame & Sesame Products

Writer:Jason WeiSource:QinTong Number of visits: Date:2017.09.12


The 21th China Conference on Sesame & Sesame Products


On September 4, 2017, 21 China International sesame industry outlook peak BBS in Qingdao city of shandong province, our company as the only present in the seed processing machinery industry about the cleaning after harvesting the crops for the present guests disambiguation answer. This meeting took the form of BBS to explain every hot spot and pushed the summit to a climax in the positive communication of everyone.


Summit to build industry alliance as the theme,and the harvest of oil crops such as sesame and beans, removing impurities is the first problem that needs to be solved,then the seed processing equipment will need to take on this responsibility. Shijiazhuang sanli grain Sorting machinery CO., LTD. Since 1995, by the year 2017 is already the 22nd year, cleaning machinery industry has been in the past many ups and downs of peaks and troughs,but make contributions to the seed industry at home and abroad has always been Sanli&Qintong people’s persuit.


From another perspective, the industry chain after the layers of baptism, make a division of professional more clear, embodied in each factory equipment constantly updated, more performance in each of the Sanli and Qintong people for the "mechanical dream" in their own more and more specific. We are eager to communicate with each seed industry personnel, to discuss, your needs, that is we are seeking, Sanli company is willing to work with you hand in hand, casting brilliant future together !!!


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