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  • 产品名称: 5BYX-5 Seed coating machine

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5BYX-5 Seed coating machine


Brief Introduction:

This machine uses rotary quantitative feeding device, continuous gives the material with continuous injecting quantitative drug liquid, which is controlled by drug liquid flow controller, and it called “continuous quantitative type of drug  supplying”, so it give an accurately proportion of seed and drug liquid, and easy for adjustment. According with high speed centrifugal disc (for atomizing the drug liquid) and large stainless steel cylinder(for mixing), give a good coating effect. This machine has many advantages, such as good working conditions, good air tightness, safety, reliable, very low seed damage rate, electronic control system for overload and overheating protection. It also can with heating medicine tank for high and cold region, so the user no need worry about frozen of liquid medicine.

Technical specification

Productivity(Base on wheat)

5000 kg/h

Size( L×W×H )

2504×988×2434 mm

Drug liquid pump size (L×W×H)

540×490×862 mm

Power Source


The total power

3.18 kW  (Include bucket elevator)

Drug-material proportional range


Coating uniformity degree

≥ 98%

Broken rate 

 ≤ 0.1%

Auto cleaning machine rate

≥ 95%

Work reliability

≥ 98%

Coating method

High speed centrifugal throwing atomizing disk



Lifting way

Bucket elevator

Note: The capacities may vary depending on seed condition, moisture content, seed varieties, types and volumes of contaminants to be separated and percentage of foreign material acceptable in the final product.

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