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  • 产品名称: LDS-1H Grain moisture meter

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LDS- Grain moisture meter
The LDS grain moisture content cryoscope is the LDS-ID computer moisture content
cryoscope promotion product, the performance stable reliable, has the outward appearance
design national monopoly novel, the contour artistic, is versatile and the overseas similar
product compares favorably with, is the moisture content metering equipment ideal turns to a
new generation the product.
Technical parameter:
Measuring object: Cereal, Mai Lei, vegetable seed, soybean, vegetables seed, corn, feed
and so on nonmetallic granulated matter
Test accurate: ≤±0.5
Repeat accurate; ≤0.2
Test range: 3~35
Use temperature: 0~40
Power resource: 6V
Off automatic.
LDS-1H with weight function
LDS-1F without weight function
LDS-1s for vegetable use
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