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VFS7300 Weighing Packaging machine line

1.    VFS7300 auto packaging machine one set.

This machine equips with bag-making,cutting,code printing, make pillow bag .OMROM PLC,TAIWAN Touch ScreenPANASONICservo morto, Japanese Photo Sensor,Korean Air valve,etc. Stainless Steel for body.

2.    CJF5000 Four Multi-head weigher one set.

Four working heads,auto weighing and filling.made by Stainless steel..

3.    DT2 Bucket elevator one set.

Stainless Steelmaterial, automatic feeding.Equips level switch and control box..

4.    Production take-off conveyor belt one set. Made by Stainless Steel. 1.95m for the length.

5.    Air Compressorone set.

   Compressed air output: 0.6MPa, 0.4m3/min.

6.  Spare parts for one year operation. see the list.














Technical information:

Bag size:(80mm-460mm)*(80mm-350mm)(L*W);

Weighing range: 0.5Kg—5.0kg;

Packaging speed: 15-45 bags/min(according the packaging weight and the bag size );

Accuracy: 1g-5g (according the packaging weight and the bag size );


Product to be packaged:       granules products


Bag weight/ sizes:           MAX 5000 g(regarding to different products)

  to be specified and confirmed, in any case within the following sizes:

-        max bag width                   350 mm.

-        max bag length                 460 mm.

-        max reel width                  Φ500 mm.


Packaging film:                heatsealable materials such as cellulose film; polypropylene, heatseal, coated, plain, perforated, pearlised or co-extruded. Suitable grades of PVC, cold materials, co-extrusions and laminates including plastic materials laminated to paper, aluminium foil or cellulose film.


Packaging type :                     3 side seal Pillow type; or gusseted bag



Production speed:                 500g-5000g= 15-45 bags/minute.



Feeding system:     Bucket  ELEVATOR FOR PRODUCTTION FEEDING. With hopper .


Weighing system:                  Electric weighing machine  mod:CJF5000.

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