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  • 产品名称: 5XJC-3B&5B Gravity sifting machine

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5XJC-3B&5B Gravity sifting machine


Brief Introduction

This machine can separate different materials into different layers by adjusting air pressure and vibration rate. High gravity material will sink while low gravity material will rise. After material enters the drop area, the machine will discharge different material from different exits, achieving accuracy.
The machine is ideal for sifting grain seeds, tree seeds and cotton seeds. It can eliminate inferior grain, grain with buds, moth bitten seeds, rotten seeds, black-powder disease seeds, seed with glumes, grass seeds, sand and stones with a diameter below 2mm. It can also clear out soil. After sifting ,the produce quality ,including weight per thousand seed, bud rate, cleanliness and consistency, will be greatly improved. Even better results can be gained by sifting wheat seed, corn seed, rice grain, cotton seed, broomcorn, beans, rapeseed, vegetable seed, pine nuts, larch etc.
The machine is practical ,flexible, efficient, user-friendly and mobile. It is reliable, stable, the shock absorbing cover is robust. This machine is technically excellent in its class in China.

Main performance indicators and technical parameters





3000 Kg/h

5000 Kg/h


4000*1770*3000 mm

4000*1990*2880 mm


380V  50Hz

380V  50Hz

Dust blower air flow

2664~5268 m³/h

4012~7419 m³/h

Fan machine wind pressure

1578-989 Pa

2014~1320 Pa

Machine air pressure

60~120 Pa

60~120 Pa

Sieve Size

2000*300 mm

2000*450 mm

Air flow in the sieve box

40 m³

80 m³

Wind suction tube diameter

∮250 mm

∮350 mm

Selecting rate

≥97 %

≥97 %

Dust way

Dust spiral; focus on emissions

Dust spiral; focus on emissions

Total power

6.8 KW

9.55 KW

Environment humidity



Relative humidity



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