How to choose and purchase seed combination cleaner

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(Summary description)How to choose and purchase seed combination cleaner

How to choose and purchase seed combination cleaner

(Summary description)How to choose and purchase seed combination cleaner

  • Categories:NEWS
  • Author:Jason Wei
  • Origin:Sanli
  • Time of issue:2020-07-09
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Since the establishment of the company in 1992, our seed processing equipment has undergone many updates. Now let me express my opinion on the more popular seed combination cleaners (combined air-screen and gravity table ) in China.  

1. The characteristics of seed combination cleaner  

At present, the combination selection machine is more popular in China, because it with large processing capacity, small footprint, less labor, and high productivity per kW. So it is loved by the majority of seed companies and grain processing companies.  


2. The main structure of seed combination cleaner  

The combination cleaner is mainly composed of elevator, dust collector, air suction part, gravity table part and vibration screening part. Some models can also add equipment such as wheat hulling machine, rice seed bearder, bag-type duster, etc.

2.1 Air suction part: There are mainly two types, horizontal and vertical air suction screen. The horizontal air suction screen can be used for secondary air suction of materials, Some good materials that are inhaled by mistake in the first air selection can be retained by secondary sedimentation, so the selection rate of the horizontal air suction screen is better than the vertical suction screen.

The effect of removing light impurities: single type vertical suction screen < The horizontal air suction screen = Double type vertical suction screen


2.2 Gravity table part: At present, the main type of combination cleaner use a air-blow type gravity table. It is also divided into fan type and motor type. The fan-type gravity table has a large air volume and is suitable for processing materials with heavier bulk density, such as maize, beans and so on. The fan motor-type gravity table has a small air volume and is mainly suitable for materials with lighter bulk density, such as sesame, flax seeds, and rice seeds. Most of the gravity table of the combination cleaner are lip sieve, and the processing different materials need replace the corresponding sieve.


2.3 Vibration screening part: Most seed combination cleaner use a vibrating screen driven by a vibration motor, and only a few models use a motor to drive a crank link as a drive. It is recommended that you purchase vibrating screen with vibrating motor because of its adjustable vibration frequency, stable amplitude, and low failure rate. Our sieve of the vibrating screen is mainly made of punched galvanized steel plate, which is cleaned by rubber balls.

3. The main shortcomings of the combination cleaner

3.1  Complex structure: Because of the integration of the functions of the air –screening function and the gravity table function, the structure of machine is relatively complicated, and its installation and commissioning require professional personnel to complete. Otherwise maybe due to improper installation and commissioning, influence air volume adjustment, which affects the cleanliness of screening, the selection rate and the service life of the equipment.


3.2 Simplified gravity table: Compared with the traditional positive gravity separator machine, due to its structural limitations, the combination selection machine uses a simplified gravity table. No matter the air volume adjustment or table area, it cannot be the same as the positive gravity separator.

4. Application range of seed combination cleaner

In China, the combination cleaner is mainly used in the grain processing &storage industry and food processing industry. Which need high processing capacity and low grain purity requirements. The grains are screened by the combination cleaner then can store or package sales directly.


For the seed processing industry, due to the simplification of its gravity table, it is unsatisfactory in removing bad grains such as moth-eaten grains, mildewed grains, diseased grains, underdeveloped grains, etc. It is suitable for users with low requirement of gravity impurities, the raw materials are relatively clean and the user use the combination selecting machine as pre-cleaning machine.


5. Development history of our company's seed combination cleaner

As an important manufacturer in the seed processing equipment industry of China, our company has produce the first generation of combination cleaners in the year of 2008.  Now the combination cleaners have formed a series of modular products, and there are more than 30 models, which can meet the needs of most users. The main representative products are as follows:


5.1 The first generation of seed combination cleaner:

5XFZ-5BX/7.5B/10B model: Single vertical air sunction+ gravity table+ vibrating screen


5.2 The second generation of seed cleaner

5XFZ-7.5/10 model: Horizontal air suction +gravity table +vibrating screen


Compared with the first generation model, change the vertical air suction screen upgraded to a horizontal air suction screen, and lengthens the length of the vibrating sieve, and has integrated wheat hulling machine and rice seed bearder machine.

5.3 The third generation of seed combination cleaner

5XFZ-25G model: Double vertical air suction +vibrating screen +gravity table

Mainly optimize the processing flow, air selection (primary)—vibration screening--air selection (secondary)--gravity table—vibration screening.


Make the combination cleaner working was more in scientific and standardized with the removing impurities requirements of seed and grain.


5.4 The fourth generation of seed combination cleaner


It is mainly based on the third generation model that has achieved large output and modularity. Representative products include 5XFZ-150 series, 180 series and 200 series. Gravity table, vibrating screen and air separation can mix and match according to actual needs. In addition, in view of the deficiency of  gravity table, we design the double gravity table model to make the screening clarity of the combination selecting machine more perfect.

At present, our company still invests a lot of research and development energy in the combination selecting machine, and keeps putting 2-3 new models on the market every year to meet the needs of the majority of users.


6. How to choose and purchase the suitable combination cleaner

6.1  According to processing capacity requirements

The processing capacity of our seed combination cleaner ranges from 5-30 tons/hour, and users need to select the appropriate model according to their own processing capacity.

6.2 According to the type of material

Different models of combination cleaners are suitable for different types of crops and seeds, so users need to select the most suitable machine according to the actual materials. Some manufacturers have weak R&D capabilities, few models, and it is unscientific and unreasonable to use a single machine to cleaning all the materials. At least it will cause waste of user’s funds, and more importantly, it will affect the effect of cleaning.

6.3 According to the clarity original materials

In the case of high impurity, more processing steps are required, such as double gravity table and double vibrating screen. On the other hand, can select simple structure.

6.4 Based on available funds

The price of the single machine of our company's combination cleaner ranges from USD6,500 to USD13,000 and users can purchase the most cost-effective model according to the affordable funds.

6.5 Overall dimensions of the combination cleaner

There are many models of combination selecting machines, and the dimensions of each model are different. Users need to consider the size of their own plant and the size of the warehouse door to select model of cleaner, to avoid buy the equipment that cannot be placed in the plant.

Overseas users, because they need container transportation, also need to consider this issue, and cannot choose equipment blindly, which results to dismantle more parts or cannot be transported.

6.6 Choose a good manufactory


There are many manufacturers of combination cleaners in China and with uneven quality. Therefore, we advised to consult with friends who have used the combination cleaner before purchasing, or visit various manufacturers. Whether in the product quality control or after-sales maintenance of equipment, large manufacturers have more advantages.

To sum up, Seed combination cleaner is the mainstream in seed and grain processing industry in China. We will continue to improve existing products and develop new products, and contribute to the development of agriculture.


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