YMJ-B Portable Leaf Area Meter
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YMJ-B Portable Leaf Area Meter

YMJ-B Portable Leaf Area Meter
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YMJ-B Portable Leaf Area Meter

Products Description
YMJ Series live leaf area measuring instrument uses contact image sensor(CIS) to scan the width of the blade it slips over. The length of the path it slips over is subdivided into several equal parts. The calculation of the entire leaf area is the
accumulation of several subdivided small areas. Other measurement items can also be obtained and calculated using similar principles.
During the measuring processing of the instrument, the rubber roller rolls synchronously with the sample, and a precision gear is hung at the end of the rubber roller. The step length of the rubber roller is measured through the photoelectric switch. During scanning, the CPU inside the instrument will comprehensively calculate the information saved in the scanning processing to obtain the relevant information of the measured blade length, width, aspect ratio, perimeter, area, shape factor, ambient temperature, longitude and latitude.


★New user experience
RGB touch color screen: Dual display of data and graphics, 3 inch screen is easy to operate, you can directly touch the screen to set and switch functions.
★With GPS function
It can communicate with the application APP through Bluetooth to realize the acquisition of GPS coordinates of the measured samples while measuring, and the measurement data can be synchronized with the APP in real time without manual recording.
★Program firmware upgrade
The latest software upgrade firmware program can be obtained by communicating with the application APP through Bluetooth, and kit can also support the local upgrade program through the data cable.
★Light-weight equipment
The weight of the whole machine is just 0.5 Kg, which greatly reduces the fatigue of outdoor use.
★Two-in-one charging data
The device is charged using the Type-c interface, and the data can be exported to excel table for viewing by connecting the data cable to the computer.
★Mass storage
The device has a built-in storage area that can store 1000 pieces of data, an external storage area of 29GB, and a large data capacity.
★Data compensation
According to the specific situation, you can choose “no compensation, rectangular compensation, triangle compensation”.
★Easy to operate
Start and measure immediately, automatic and manual measurement modes are optional automatically save data after each leaf measurement, no need to save manually.
★Data management
The data in the built-in storage area can be viewed and deleted through the device. The data in the extended storage area can also be viewed and deleted through the Type-c data cable (data table, leaf diagram).
★Low battery protection
If the battery power is less than or equal to 15%, It will prompt “battery power is low” during measurement to prevent accidental shutdown and data loss.
Equipped with a 5AH lithium battery, it can work in the field for 16 hours when fully charged equipped with Type-c charging port, it will no be unable to work for a long time due to charging restrictions.
★Data storage export
The built-in storage area of the device can store 1000 pieces of data, and it is also equipped with a 29GB large extended storage area to achieve a large storage capacity configure the Type-c interface and connect to the computer to view and export excel data sheets and leaf diagrams like a U disk.
★Brightness and Sleep
The brightness of the screen can be adjusted manually according to the brightness of the environment. The device can be set to automatically shut down without any operation for a fixed time, reducing power waste.
Details Images
Product Paramenters
Display screen
480×854 RGB display
Battery capacity
5000 mAh
Power supply
Charging interface Type-c
Built-in storage area 1000, extended storage area 29GB
Type-c interface 1
Product size
420×50×54 mm
0.5 Kg
Measuring range
Resolution error
Blade length (mm)
≥3000 mm
Blade width (mm)
Area (mm²)
Circumference (mm)
Aspect ratio
Shape factor
Form factor
Ambient temperature
Q1. How can I choose the suitable one?
Please tell us your detailed requirements by mail or online, we will recommend the suitable one as your request.

Q2.How can I pay?
We accept many payment term, such as T/T, Western Union…

Q3.When I receive it after pay?
Normal models can be delivered with 5-7days, please contact us to check transport time to your address.

Q4.What should I do if I do not know how to use?
Manual user will be sent together, you can also contact us with more technological support.

Q5.What should I do if some parts broken?
We do standard export package and 1 year warranty except wear parts.
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